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I am Larisa, 36 y.o. from Lugansk, I am a kind woman who is never angry. I love children a lot. I like having fun and being close to nature. I like dancing a lot ang spending time in good companies.
I am Tatyana, 33 y.o. from Nikolaev, I am ready to change my life and find the man who will make me happy! I love children. I love to go outdoors at weekends. I love to cook and make homemade pastries.
I am KrisTTTina, 30 y.o. from Zaporozhye, First of all I want to say: I am a mother! which one is best to learn about me?? of course at my kids. So I can\'t tell you how I am. I want you to know this from our conversations and from my family and friends. Are you ready?
I am Elena, 28 y.o. from Kirovograd,  I have romantic nature and I can be sentimental sometimes... I`m not afraid of my feelings. I hope you will accept me for what I am. I try to behave myself with people the way I want they behave themselves with me. I am a family oriented person and consider that family is the biggest treasure in our life. I am a very cheerful person, I love life and enjoy its every moment! Also I love animals and I am very kind by nature. Things I enjoy in my life are: dancing and cooking. Also I adore traveling, communicating with new people, learning new and interesting things. I like to spend my free time with people who have wonderful sense of humor because I am very sociable person. I hope after knowing me closer you will not be able to think about other women anymore
I am Lubov, 30 y.o. from Nikolaev, I am not looking for a super man here.. I need a man that will make me fly without wings.. I need a man that can warm me every cold night with his passion and love.. I am a woman that is able to brighten your life with emotions unknown to you before. Try this.
I am Juliya, 20 y.o. from  Zaporozhye, I am romantic and passionate girl. I want to find truly love and give my man a lot of passion. I love summer, sea and relaxation. But at the same time I love my job. They say that when you love what you\'re doing, then your work becomes your hobby. I want to get real feelings. I want to give my beloved all the passion that I have. I am ready to treat my man with respect and trust, to love and always follow him.
I am Elmira, 37 y.o. from Nikolaev, I am a purposeful, romantic and kind woman.
I am Elena, 31 y.o. from Nikolaev, I am kind, talkative, friendly and kindhearted woman.
I am  AnastasiDre, 21 y.o. from Nikopol, I am a goal-orientated, faithful and decent woman. When I see a goal, I do my best to achieve it, and I\'m not afraid of obstacles or difficulties. For me faithfulness is not just a word, I\'ll give my heart completely to my future partner, he will be the center of my life. I have good moral values, I treat people with respect and behave as a lady. I value honesty, trust, and unselfishness. I lead a healthy and active life style. I\'m sure that I can make your life happy !))) If you are interesting in my profile, I\'m waiting for your letter !!!))
I am Gentle, 19 y.o. from Nikolayev, I can say about myself that I am cheerful, funny, talented, positive, solid, genuine girl, who has a big and kind heart. I love life ... I love anything that makes sense... I want to be myself... I love romanticism... sincerity... I love to smile, because I believe that anyone could fall in love in my smile. My friends say that I am feminine, friendly and open-minded. I love to cook, and I prefer healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. All my free time I dedicate to my family and do not forget about my friends and study.
I am Tatiana, 20 y.o. from Nikolaev, Now a student, want to try to achieve everything by herself.
I am Nika, 19 y.o. from Kherson, I am a girl who knows what she wants from life. I\'m a workaholic. I spare a lot of time for painting. I like to spend my free time with my friends. We love to visit interesting events together. Except high society and painting, I like to read books that inspire me.
I am Alina, 23 y.o. from Nikolaev, I love pets, to have rest on the nature, to spend good time with friends. Sometimes I love to be alone, I love to cook very much, love to listen to the music and watch old films.
I am Lilia, 23 y.o. from Kirovograd, I am a very cheerful person. I love life and enjoy its every moment. Also I love animals and I am very kind by nature. Things I enjoy in my life are dancing and cooking. Also I adore traveling, 
communicating with new people, learning new and interesting things. I like to spend my free time with people who have wonderful sense of humor because I am very sociable person.
I am Anna, 30 y.o. from Nikolaev, I`m charming and purposeful, optimistic, with a great sense of humour, a fascinating smile and open soul. I`m tender, sexual and affectionate as well. I want to be patient and faithful friend to my beloved, not just loving and devoted wife. I take great interest in psychology, like fashion, arts and music. I adore traveling, bringing home different souvenirs.
I am Anastasia, 33 y.o. from Nikolaev, I am easy-going, calm, kindhearted, cheerful, level-minded and curious.I like movies and dancing. I am interesting in learning new things in life. I like cooking. I enjoy travelling.

Our company is one of the leaders in the international dating sphere, we are well-experienced as we have been working since 1999. We do care for our clients and their interests. Therefore we publish only real and checked Ladies in the database whom we contact by the phone, as well we request their documents if it is necessary and we deliver all presents and flowers to them through independent agents. We have the largest net of independent agents all over the world who deliver flowers and presents ordered by our clients.

The site is equipped with a very flexible search system, free letters of interest and comfortable correspondence service. Moreover many Ladies have video presentations.

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